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7 Practical Garage Door Safety Tips | Overhead Door Company in Rochester

Garages provide convenience and added storage space but are also a common culprit for break-ins and accidents. Hiring a reliable overhead door company in Rochester is essential for efficient installation, repairs, and maintenance.

An overhead door company handles all aspects of your garage door needs, from selecting the correct door type for your home to ensuring it operates smoothly and safely. However, after the installation, you can still take measures to enhance your garage’s safety and, by extension, your home and family.

In this blog post, we’ll describe the basics of overhead doors and provide safety tips to help you keep your garage and home secure.

Understanding the Basics of Overhead Doors | Overhead Door Company in Rochester

An overhead door consists of several components working together for seamless functionality. The spring system, usually torsion or extension springs, counterbalances the door’s weight, making it easy to open and close. Cables, tracks, and rollers keep the door aligned and sliding along the edge of the garage. And, of course, the motor and sensors are responsible for the automated movement of the door.

Should any of these components fail or break, repercussions can be significant, from property damage to personal injury. Regular inspections are a homeowner’s best tool to prevent such occurrences.

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Top Garage Door Safety Tips to Consider

  1. Schedule Routine Inspections: Visually check your door’s system monthly. Look for signs of wear on the cables and springs, listen for unusual sounds during operation, and ensure the garage door works smoothly.
  2. Educate Your Children: Once kids are old enough to understand, familiarize them with the dangers of a closing door. The “no touching” rule is paramount. Show them how to use the wall or remote control buttons and the importance of waiting until the door opens before entering or exiting the garage.
  3. Avoid DIY Repairs: It’s tempting to save money by resolving small issues with your garage door yourself, but a single mistake can lead to significant problems. So, always call a professional for repairs.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Garage doors need regular maintenance to function like any other mechanical system. Have a professional technician perform tune-ups and inspections every year.
  5. Keep Opener Remote Out of Reach: Garage door openers can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Keep the remote out of the reach of children and teach them not to play with it.
  6. Test Safety Features: Ensure to regularly test the safety features on modern garage doors, including sensors that detect objects in the door’s path and prompt automatic reversal of its operation. This helps verify their proper functionality.
  7. Keep the Area Clear: The Area around your garage door should always be clear of debris, tools, and other objects. These can easily get caught in the door’s tracks or interfere with operation.

Hire a Professional Overhead Door Company in Rochester

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