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Common Problems with Motorized Screen Doors

Homeowners with a motorized screen door in Rochester MN love how convenient motorized screens are; as well as, how much more comfortable spending time outside is when you have them. One of the biggest perks of a screened in porch is that the screen can block the UV rays and bugs from bothering you while enjoying your time on the porch. Eating, reading, visiting with friends and neighbors, or watching the kids play on the porch is something everyone enjoys and when your screens are motorized, you’ll love your porch even more! Motorized screen doors are amazing, but they do have common problems homeowners can expect. 


Top Problems with Motorized Screen Doors


  • Ripped Screens- Companies that install a motorized screen door in Rochester MN often get calls from homeowners to replace the screen due to rips and tears. The screens on motorized doors or windows are usually fairly resilient but you can avoid rips and tears by keeping sharp objects away from the screen, making sure the screen is free of debris before retracting, and kids and pets should be careful not to be too rowdy near the screens. 
  • Stuck Tracks- When the tracks are dirty or a piece of debris is in the track the screen can get stuck and jammed when retracting. Tracks need to be lubricated every three months to keep the motorized screen door working smoothly. Make sure to ask about maintenance and warranties when you talk to a company that can install a motorized screen door in Rochester MN. 
  • Motor Problems- Motorized doors have a lot of parts that can wear down or break from normal use, being installed incorrectly, or being improperly used. Getting regular maintenance on your motorized screen door in Rochester MN will increase the longevity of your screen and help avoid motor problems.


Motorized screen doors are super convenient and make your life outdoors a lot more comfortable, but keeping up with maintenance is vital to making your screen last and avoiding costly repairs. Professional door service companies like Thompson’s Garage Doors can ensure your motorized screens stay in perfect working order for as long as you need them!

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