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Garage Door Company | Smart Garage Door Features to Provide Peace of Mind

Have you ever pulled away from your home and miles down the road thought, did I close the garage door? You’re not the only one! Instead of turning back around to make sure your home is secure, upgrade your garage door with smart features. Learn more from your trusted garage door company in Rochester, MN.

The Benefits of Smart Garage Doors from a Reputable Garage Door Company in Rochester, MN

It may not be necessary to replace your garage door system in order to close the garage door from a different location. You may only need a new garage door opener. But if your old system does not communicate with the new smart openers, it’s time to contact a garage door company in Rochester, MN.

Enjoy these smart door benefits:

  • Safe Package Drop-Off: You no longer have to worry about package deliveries getting stolen from your doorstep. When you have a smart garage door, you can open the garage for the package and close it right after. You can even provide the delivery person with a one-time use garage code.
  • Checking the Garage When Out of Town: Use your smart garage door to make sure your garage door is closed while away from home. Perhaps your kids or a dog walker are in and out of the house. You can make sure the garage door is closed up for your peace of mind.
  • Closing the Garage from Inside the Home: Have you been tucked into bed when you received a text from your neighbor that you left your garage door open? Keep warm in your bed and close the garage without stepping a foot on the floor.

Are you ready for these upgrades and conveniences? Then call our garage door company in Rochester, MN, to get started on your garage door needs.

At Thompson Garage Door, we have the knowledge and expertise to take care of your garage door upgrades when you need them the most. Contact our team to learn more about receiving timely service for your smart garage door. 

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