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Tips For Choosing The Right Commercial Garage Door Size | Garage Door Installer in Rochester, MN

Commercial properties have distinct needs when it comes to garage doors. Unlike residential properties, commercial buildings require larger and more durable garage doors to accommodate the constant flow of larger vehicles and equipment. As a business owner, choosing the right commercial garage door size is crucial for safety, convenience, and functionality.

There are several factors to consider when deciding on the perfect size for your commercial garage door. Our expert garage door installers in Rochester, MN, provide guidance and installation services to ensure the right fit for your commercial property.

Types of Vehicles or Equipment

Consider the type and size of vehicles or equipment using the garage door. It will determine the width and height of the door opening needed. For example, if you have large trucks or forklifts needing access to your garage, you may need more than a standard-sized garage door. When selecting the size, taking measurements and considering potential future needs is essential.

Clearance Requirements | Garage Door Installer in Rochester, MN

The clearance requirements for commercial garage doors are different from residential ones. You must account for overhead clearance, side clearance, and backroom requirements when choosing the size. It will ensure enough space for the garage door to open and close without obstructions.

Building Codes and Regulations

In addition to considering the size of your commercial garage door, it’s vital to adhere to building codes and regulations in your area. These codes may specify minimum height and width requirements for garage doors based on the type of business or equipment used. It’s best to consult a professional garage door installer in Rochester, MN, who knows local regulations and can ensure your garage door meets all necessary codes.

Use of Space

Consider how you plan on utilizing the space around your commercial garage door. Will there be any storage or work areas near the door? If so, you may need to account for that in your size selection to ensure enough room for everything to function optimally. Additionally, consider any potential future changes or expansions to your business and how that may impact the use of space near the garage door.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

If your commercial garage is used for storage or as a workspace, it’s essential to consider insulation and energy efficiency when selecting the size. A larger door may result in more heat loss during the colder months, increasing energy costs. Insulated doors can help mitigate this issue by keeping the space warmer and reducing energy consumption.

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Safety Considerations

Garage doors can be dangerous, especially in commercial settings where they are used frequently. Choosing the right sized door is crucial for the safety of your employees and customers. A door that is too small may cause damage or injury if it doesn’t close properly, while a door that is too large may be difficult to operate and lead to accidents.

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At Thompson’s Garage Door and Openers, we understand the importance of selecting the right commercial garage door size for your business. Our expert team in Rochester, MN, has years of experience installing and servicing all sizes of commercial garage doors. We can help you choose the perfect size and provide professional installation to ensure proper functioning and safety.

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