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What to Do When Your Garage Door is Stuck | Garage Door Company Rochester MN

There is nothing worse than when you are trying to leave your house in a hurry, but the garage door won’t open and let you back out. There are many reasons why your garage door could be jammed or stuck, but there is no reason to panic. Many times, you can fix the problem yourself in just a few minutes! 

Before making the call to a garage door company in Rochester, MN, take a few minutes to try these tricks. 

  • Check the Lock- If your garage door has a lock, make sure you check that the garage door is unlocked. 
  • Check the Opener Battery- Another reason why your garage door may not open could be because the battery in the opener is dead. Try changing the battery and see if that fixes the problem.

If the door is unlocked, and the batteries in the opener work, there may be a more significant problem to be addressed that will need professional help. 

Damaged Door Track- One of the most common reasons a garage door gets stuck is because the track becomes dirty or built up with debris. Obstructions in the track will prevent the rollers from operating correctly and could make the door stuck. If the track is damaged, you’ll need to call a garage door company in Rochester, MN.

Broken Springs- If a spring breaks or snags on the garage door it could become stuck. Trying to replace the springs yourself can be dangerous and should be left to a trusted garage door company in Rochester, MN. 

Having a broken garage door can be very frustrating especially if you are in a rush. Fortunately, you can count on Thompson Garage Door to address all of your garage door woes professionally and quickly. 

If you have garage door troubles, call Thompson’s Garage Door at 507-281-1349

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