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What You Should Know About Garage Door Springs | Garage Door Repair Rochester MN

You probably never thought about your garage door springs until you woke up and couldn’t back your car out of the garage because the door was stuck. Broken or damaged garage door springs are one of the top reasons homeowners call companies offering garage door repair in Rochester MN. While there are many different garage door problems you can fix yourself, replacing or repairing the springs of your garage door can be dangerous and we recommend always consulting with a certified door technician.

Types of Garage Door Springs | Garage Door Repair Rochester MN

There are two different types of springs used on garage doors:

Extension Springs- These long, thin springs can be open or double looped, as well as clipped-end style. They are parallel to the horizontal tracks and counterbalance the weight from the garage doors to make them easier to open and close. Open looped springs tend to need more maintenance than double looped because you must replace the entire spring if a wire breaks. Clipped-end springs are the most durable and are the best option for heavier doors.

Torsion Springs- These broad springs are used in the metal shafts rights above the garage door opening. The spring sits between two drums on each end of the track and is wound to a specific torsion depending on the weight, style, and size of the door. Your garage door could need up to four torsion springs. The springs also come in four styles–standard, early-set, steel rolling door, and torque-master. Standard springs are most often used on residential garage doors, but your garage door repair tech in Rochester MN will know the best for your situation. 

Replacing garage door springs is a complex job. There are several steps to the process including needing to disconnect safety cables, pulleys, the opener, as well as the springs. This job can also be a dangerous one unless you work for a certified garage door repair company in Rochester MN. 

If you need help replacing your garage door springs, call Thompson Garage Door at 507-281-1349.

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