Common Commercial Garage Door Repairs and Issues

Commercial garage doors are the most durable and strongest on the market. However, they suffer the same wear and tear problems that all mechanical devices must combat. If your commercial doors are used heavily in warehouses, trucking, logistics companies, big box retailers, that wear and tear may happen more frequently. Companies working on commercial garage door openers Rochester MN residents trust are in high demand when doors fail which is why service and maintenance are so important. 

These common repairs and issues with commercial garage doors can be easily remedied by professional technicians, but dock managers should never try to DIY the solutions. 

Problems with the Track: Typically, commercial garage doors move by sliding along a metal track, however, if the track becomes warped, damaged, or loose, the door can stop working. If the tracks buckle, the door can become a hazard. Tracks are usually very durable and only damaged if there is a collision or impact by a truck or other vehicle. If a truck has backed into your warehouse door, call a professional commercial garage door opening Rochester MN company to assess the damage and any repair needs. 

Dirty Rollers: The garage door has rollers that help with the up and down mechanics. If these rollers get a build-up of dust, dirt, or debris, the mechanisms of the garage door may not work properly. Rollers need to be cleaned and lubricated twice per year to maintain good working order. 

Damaged Door Cables and Springs: Two main components of the mechanical system for commercial garage doors are the springs and cables that hold the door in place when open. Springs and cables wear out quickly and frequent replacement can be expected. Regular maintenance checks from commercial garage door openers Rochester MN companies can prevent major injuries or accidents from occurring due to faulty equipment. 

Regular maintenance on your dock or warehouse garage doors will reduce workplace accidents and keep your overhead costs low. Maintenance costs less than total replacement and will reduce the amount of time and labor spent on preventable issues that could affect the company logistics. 

Thompson’s Garage Door & Openers can help you with all of your garage door maintenance and service needs. Contact our professional staff at 507-281-1349 for more information.

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