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5 Common Garage Door Problems | Garage Door Company In Rochester MN

Garage doors have become a staple in modern-day homes. They add to the aesthetic appeal of your property and provide an easy and convenient way to access your garage. However, frequent use makes it common to experience issues with your garage door. The good news is that a professional garage door company in Rochester, MN, can quickly fix these problems.

Regular maintenance and prompt repair are essential to ensure your door works properly and efficiently. Regular garage door maintenance includes checking the opener and motor for proper operation, ensuring the tracks are not bent or blocked, lubricating all system parts, and replacing worn-out parts.

This blog post will discuss common garage door problems and how an expert company in Rochester, MN, can help.

1. Noisy Garage Door | Garage Door Company In Rochester MN

Garage doors frequently produce noise, which is a common issue. Various issues, such as worn-out rollers, loose hardware, or a damaged opener, can cause a loud garage door. An experienced garage door company can identify the cause of the issue and offer a quick solution.

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2. Broken Springs

Your garage door relies heavily on its springs to function correctly. Unfortunately, these springs can wear down and eventually snap, making it difficult to open the door. When this happens, your garage door may become unbalanced. In such a situation, contacting a garage door company in Rochester, MN, is essential for prompt repair.

3. Misaligned Tracks | Garage Door Company In Rochester MN

The tracks may be misaligned if your garage door moves unevenly or makes strange noises. The tracks help your garage door move smoothly up and down, and when they are out of alignment, they can cause damage to your garage door. A professional garage door company can help realign the tracks and ensure your garage door moves smoothly.

4. Broken Cables

Garage door cables work with the springs to lift and lower your garage door. However, like the springs, they can wear out and break over time. A broken cable can cause your garage door to become unstable and even dangerous to operate. A garage door company can replace your damaged cables and ensure your garage door functions safely.

5. Damaged Panels | Garage Door Company In Rochester MN

A damaged garage door panel can be an eyesore and affect your garage door’s functionality. Common causes of damaged panels include the impact of a car or severe weather conditions. If you notice any damage to your garage door panels, call professional garage door repair services for necessary repairs or replacements.

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