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The Benefits of Motorized Screen Doors

More homeowners than ever are choosing to upgrade their homes with a motorized screen door in Rochester MN. Motorized screens are perfect for keeping the bugs away or helping to break the wind on your porch when sitting outside enjoying time with friends, family, and neighbors. There are many other perks that come with motorized screens that will have you wanting to call up an installer ASAP. 


Why Homeowners Love Motorized Screens


Besides the obvious reasons of bug prevention and helping to break the breeze going through your porch, there are a few other reasons why people are looking for a motorized screen door in Rochester, MN. 

  • Increase Curb Appeal- Screened in porches increase the curb appeal of your home. They are always a huge perk for people looking to buy a new home. When your screens are motorized they are easier to operate and will impress potential homebuyers who come to an open house or schedule a walkthrough. 
  • Blocking UV Rays- Some screens are made from UV blocking materials that can allow you to spend time outside on your porch without worrying about the sun! A Motorized screen door in Roster, MN is the perfect accessory to your home. 
  • Convenience- Motorized screens go up and down with the push of a button, just like your automatic garage door! These screens are super convenient and easy to use for every member of the family. You can put them down and have a screened in porch, or you can keep them up and have a traditional porch. 


Motorized screens are an upgrade every homeowner should consider for their porch. Motorized screens will make your outdoor time more fun and comfortable for the entire family. Installation can be done in an afternoon! 

Give Thompson’s Garage Door a call today to start the process of having motorized screens installed at your home. We can be reached at 507-281-1349.

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