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What Causes Commercial Garage Doors to Malfunction | Commercial Garage Door Service Near Me

Commercial garage doors endure rigorous use daily, far surpassing the typical residential garage door’s workload. These doors are often subjected to multiple open-close cycles throughout the day, catering to the demands of busy warehouses, loading docks, and distribution centers. This relentless activity subjects the doors to significant wear and tear, necessitating regular garage door maintenance to ensure they continue to function efficiently.

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Causes of Commercial Garage Door Malfunctions | Commercial Garage Door Service Near Me

While there could be various reasons behind a malfunctioning commercial garage door, here are some of the most common causes:

1.     Worn-Out Rollers and Tracks

Rollers and tracks are fundamental components that enable the smooth operation of a garage door. Over time, these parts can become worn out due to constant use, leading to the door getting stuck or creating unusual noises during operation. Regular inspections and timely replacement of these components are crucial to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

2.     Broken Springs | Commercial Garage Door Service Near Me

Garage doors rely heavily on torsion and extension springs to lift and lower quickly. When these springs wear out or break, the door can become extremely heavy and difficult to operate, posing a safety risk. Regular garage door maintenance includes checking the condition of these springs and replacing them before they fail.

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3.     Misaligned or Damaged Sensors

Modern garage doors have safety sensors that prevent the door from closing if an obstruction is detected. If these sensors become misaligned or damaged, it could cause the door to reverse suddenly or not close. Ensuring the sensors are clean, aligned, and functioning is vital for safely operating your garage door.

4.     Faulty Motor | Commercial Garage Door Service Near Me

The motor is the engine of the garage door system, driving the opening and closing mechanisms. Over time, components within the motor can wear out, leading to sluggish or erratic door movements. Regular inspection and motor service can preempt complete motor failure and keep your door operating smoothly.

5.     Obstructed or Dirty Tracks

Dust, dirt, and debris accumulated in the tracks can cause obstructions that impede the door’s movement. Maintaining clean tracks and ensuring they are blockage-free will help prevent strain on other components and extend the garage door system’s lifespan.

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